The Impact of a DTS: Charity Malick


Charity Malick

DTS Director YWAM Colorado@Cimarron

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing our current DTS Director, Charity Malick. She has been involved with YWAM for quite a few years and has led her fair share of schools. We took some time to sit down with her and hear about one of her most impacting memories from a DTS she has led.

Below is the discussion we had with Charity. “N” represents Natalie who is interviewing “C” for Charity. Enjoy!

N: What is one memory from a DTS you have led that has impacted you?

C: I think one the most impactful memories I have is meeting a man who became a believer because of a team that YWAM Colorado sent twenty years ago. Now it’s really cool because he has actually been ministering to his own people for the last twenty years since he became a Christian. They gave us a Bible as a thank you for sending teams years ago and said, “Because of YWAM Colorado@Cimarron, I am a believer and we just want to say thanks for all you guys have done,”.

The Bible Charity’s team received.

The Bible Charity’s team received.

N: What about this memory impacted you the most? How and why?

C: For me, meeting this man was a glimpse of the heritage that we live in and that we are a part of. What we do is super important and it’s very impactful. Whether it’s being in Colorado cleaning toilets, or it’s going overseas talking to someone, teaching English, cleaning up, whatever, its all important. We come from a long heritage of people that have come before us and God has used us. The things that we do make a difference and we should always be looking to impact the Kingdom no matter what we’re doing. Having heritage is special and it’s honoring to be apart of a heritage like that.

N: [It’s special] to know it continues on even past when you lead a team in there.

C: Yeah, because no matter what you do, you have consequences whether they’re good or bad. Our goal is that we leave behind the good and [that] we are effective, and it does happen. God’s using us.

N: So, do you tend to have memories like this one on each DTS you lead?

C: The chance to meet the people all over the world is a privilege and an honor, so of course you have memories of everything all over. Because, I mean, we have memories in everything that we do. So, just the chance to meet people and have relationships with them, [whether] it’s for short term or long term, it’s and honor and a privilege and it’s not something we take lightly.

N: How many schools have you led and how many countries have you been to?

C: I have [staffed] twelve schools, I’ve been to fifteen [countries], and have done over twenty-five trips total.

N: Would you say that as a leader you still learn something each school? If yes, do you believe this is important and why?

C: Of course, I learn something new every single time! The Holy Spirit is living and active, so of course there’s always something to learn and God is always doing something. So, to go into a situation and not expect to learn something is definitely a form a pride that we just want to slash out and kill. I mean, He’s living and active and so of course there should always be something we are learning. It’s just a part of life.

N: Even outside of schools.

C: Oh yeah, everything is a learning experience.

N: So, what is you’re favorite part of leading a school?

C: I love the relationships. I love seeing God working in lives and the growth in students. One-on-one’s with a good cup of coffee, tea, hot-cocoa, that’s probably one of my all time favorite things. Just the times to sit down and chat and hear about the things that God is doing.

N: Why do you lead schools? What is your motivation?

C: So, God’s called me to love. The most loving thing I can do is point [people] to a deeper [relationship with God] and encourage them in their relationship. That’s my biggest motivation. I just want to point them to this deep relationship with God. Discipleship is so important. It’s this thing that is constantly needed. We should always be being discipled and discipling.

N: What would you say to someone on the fence about doing a DTS?

C: Of course do it! How often do you get the chance to sit at the feet of Jesus and just be in his presence? God always takes care of His good ideas and if you think about how many six months you’ve lived, it’s not actually that very long. So, I always think that the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus and be in His presence is totally worth the time. No matter what. If you have the opportunity to do so, it will be a blessing. And you’ll learn and grow.

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