Palms Up


Most of us have witnessed this scenario at least once in our lives: A parent finds their toddler with something clenched in their fist. The parents asks the child to open their hand to show them what they have, but the child refuses. “Palms up,” the parent may say and the child either complies or continues in stubborn disobedience to keep their fist shut.

Often, if the fist stays shut, what happens next is a battle of strength between the parent trying to forcing the toddler’s fist open and the toddler screaming, trying to keep their fist closed.

You shake your head at the child, knowing they don’t stand a chance against their parent and sure enough, the parent soon gets a hold of the object and takes possession of it.

What would you say if I told you that you have been the toddler in this situation?

You would probably say, “Yes, I know. I was a kid once.”

But I mean recently. Like possibly just the other day.

In fact, you may be acting like that toddler even now.

No, I don’t mean your mom is sitting across from you right this moment trying to take an object of some sort from your hand.

What I am trying to get at is a situation many of us find ourselves in with God.

Picture God as the parent in the example above and yourself as the toddler.

I think there are many times in life that we find our selves in possession of a certain object that we love and God asks us to give it to Him.

This object could be any number of things. A hobby, relationship, career, house, car, family member, etc.

Following God means surrendering our entire lives to Him. Including our possessions and relationships.

However, often times there is that one thing that you try to hide in your fist in hopes that God won’t see.

We all know that never works.

God deserves everything, and while He doesn’t take it all, it is the heart posture of holding it open for Him that He desires.

This is not only for Him, but for us.

I have found over the years that when God asks me for that one thing I was trying to hide from sight, it is for my own good.

Though it may not even be a bad thing that I want to hold on to, God has something better.

God is always looking out for our greater good. And so when God asks for the career that we love so much, we can trust that there is a good reason and that He will give us something even better.

It is not easy, but God desires that kind of trust from us.

Sometimes the thing we are holding onto is bad for us and God wants to take it away for our good.

Though we may not understand in the moment, we have to trust that God is doing what is best.

A good parent would not take something from their child unless there was a good reason. Can we not trust that God, leagues ahead of any earthly parent, is the same and better?

So, what is that thing in your life right now that God is asking for?

Are you holding it with open hands, or closed fists?

If its closed fists, good luck buddy. If God wants to win that fight, He will. So it’s best to let go on your own choice then wrestle through the pain of having your grip pulled open.

God doesn’t want to hurt us by forcing things out of our hands, but sometimes He needs to because that is the easiest way we will let Him work in our lives.

Don’t be that person. It’s not worth it.

Plus, if you think about it, it can hurt just as much to hold on to something even if no one is trying to get to it.

The strain of clenching our fists around something for an extend period of time is usually painful.

Our hands cramp and sometimes can even become seriously injured.

It is much better to hold our lives loosely and open to God’s hands.

It is much better to live palms up.

Author: Natalie Martin - Staff