When the Going Gets Tough...Stand

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.
— Ephesians 6:13 (ESV)

We’ve all heard the passage regarding the armor of God.

If you grew up in a Christian household, going to Sunday School, you have probably done cut-out versions of the armor or took part in some sort of remake of the donning of the armor.

When we are children this is simply a fun lesson where you get to wear a helmet and carry around a fake sword. We don’t quite get the significance of the message. And, in fact, we probably missed very possibly the most important part.

The part when it says: “…and having done all, to stand firm.” (Ephesians 6:13 ESV)

Well that’s not so epic, you say.

Have you ever gotten up too fast and your head spins and your vision goes all colorful and it’s all you can do not to pass out?

Standing is not so easy in that moment, huh?

But, even so, I don’t think this is really the type of standing Paul is talking about here.

He is talking about spiritually standing firm. It is a spiritual battle, so we must be spiritually equipped and standing.

The reality is you don all the armor, which is so good and will help you, but if you don’t stand you just end up as a pile of metal on the ground not doing much good.

A sword is only as useful as the person makes use of it. Likewise with the rest of the armor.

When an arrow hits your breastplate, you are likely to fall over unless you are making an effort to stay standing.

Many times in our lives we fight so hard to get all the armor on and hold up our sword and shield, but still end up getting left beat up and wondering what went wrong.

As Christians, we can not give in as soon as things get hard. Just because we have armor on does not mean you won’t get attack or bruised.

But when we stay standing, despite this, we claim the victory.

I recently went through a very hard time in my life and the battle was rough.

I certainly did not remember to keep my shield up every day or to put on my helmet each morning. But, even on the days when I felt so miserable that I didn’t want to keep fighting for what I knew was right, I would some how find the strength to get up again and stand. Every day got a little bit easier as standing became a habit and now I can look back and say that I made it through.

I didn’t make it through because I had the most amazing faith, or the best knowledge, or even the greatest wisdom. I made it through because when it came down to it I choose to keep standing with my eyes fixed on God and what was true.

The way standing looks differs by individual and situation. Sometimes it is what looks to be the smallest bit of the larger picture, sometimes it’s something much larger.

Reflect on your life. What is something you are currently struggling with? Find the heart of that issue and stand firm on what you know is right.

For me it was standing firm on the truth of a situation and not allowing my view of that truth to be clouded or twisted.

For you it might be committing to honoring a leader in your life. Or no longer giving into fear. Or maybe committing to the truth of your own situation.

Whatever it is, pick up the armor of God and stand firm. Trust me, the armor will be most useful if you choose to stand and not become a jumbled mess on the ground.

Author: Natalie Martin - Staff