A Study On Our Values: To Know God and Make Him Known


When you are first introduced to YWAM one of the first sayings you hear floating around any base is our dictum: “To know God and make Him known.”

It’s all over our social media and hand-outs, but what does that saying truly mean?

You may say, “Well, that’s simple. Didn’t you read it?”.

But it may be different then you think.

It’s not about learning everything about God and then teaching and converting others.

If that was the case we’d rephrase the saying to something more like this: “To study the scriptures and become good salesmen.”

But we didn’t.

To know God and make Him known.

So what does it really mean to do this? Let’s pull it apart.

There are two distinct parts of this. One, to know God. Two, to make Him known.

So how do we get to know God?

Well, reading the Word is only part of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for reading the Word and knowing it inside and out. That is really important to our walk with God. It’s God’s Word, so it makes sense that in order to get to know Him we need to know His word. I simply do not believe this is the full picture.

Prayer is another big part of this, but not just the “please give me…” prayers. I’m talking about conversational prayer. A prayer where you talk and then you listen.

There is certainly a place for “Dear Lord…” and asking of things, but this should by no means be the only way you ever pray.

If it’s too much to think about it as prayer, try thinking about it as a conversation.

God wants to be our God, but He also wants a relationship. A friendship. And this only comes when you spend time talking and getting to know one another.

If you have a friend with whom the only thing you ever talk about is your life and all the things you would like that friend to give or do for you, you actually don’t have a friend. Well, you do and they don’t. It’s a one-sided relationship. Blessings to that person, dear goodness.

Have you ever been that person? The one in a relationship who listens to all of the other person’s wants and struggles but never gets to put in two words about your own?

It sucks!

Though God is most definitely more patient and loving then us, you don’t think maybe that annoys Him just the slightest.

Or, who knows. I can’t speak for God. Maybe he’s not annoyed, but I’m certain it’s not what He desires.

God wants to spend time with us.

Noah, one of the most famous people in the Bible, is quoted as walking with God. (Genesis 6:9)

God wants us to walk with Him, too.

Not behind Him. Not in front of Him. Not trying to track Him with our Bible-sleuthing skills.

He wants us to walk WITH Him.

The great thing is that once we are doing this, the second part of this value is easy.

To make Him known.

If you are walking with God then your actions and your walk are already making Him known.


Many different ways in your day-to-day life.

The way you treat your neighbor. How you raise your kids. How you act at work.

We all know that you act in similar patterns to the people you hold closest to your heart.

Just like a child will mimic their father, so we mimic God when we know Him.

God is vibrant. If you are close to God, then the people close to you will see Him. You are making Him known by walking in His ways and living as He calls us to. And you are walking in His ways because you know Him.

Now, there are many ways and different places you can do this.

Sometimes, like with our schools, it comes out by making Him known in a country overseas.

Sometimes it’s making Him known to your friends at work or your family.

Sometimes to the random person you run into at the store.

While we value making God known on our overseas outreaches, we are certainly not limited to that.

Making God known is a way of life.

And, while you can do certain “things” to make God known in your community, the true “making known” of God and the gospel is the lifestyle that we find once we know God ourselves. It’s the overflow of a relationship we have with our Creator.

So yes, to know God and make Him known is about learning about God and bringing Him to the un-reached. But it also so much more then that.

You can know God and make Him known as a stay-at-home mom or as a 9-to-5 working man. God is not limited to overseas ministry and His call on our lives is not limited to extremes either.

If you’re worried you aren’t making enough of a difference in your circles, I would challenge you to make sure you are getting to know God intimately yourself.

He is the well that will spring up from you and shower others. So, if you aren’t tied in to the well, how do you expect to be doing any good irrigation?

Author: Natalie Martin - Staff