If you've finished DTS and feel like God is calling you to continue as a full-time missionary, we'd love to talk with you about joining our staff at YWAM Colorado @ Cimarron. We are a diverse community of  young and old from different backgrounds. We have common vision and purpose to train, inspire, and equip people who will go out to love, inspire, and transform the world. All positions at YWAM Cimarron are significant.

  • DTS Staff - The DTS is the cornerstone of YWAM.  Darlene Cunningham has said, "I often say that our DTS leaders and staff are the most important people in YWAM, because the DTS is the doorway to the mission.  'As the DTS goes , so goes the mission' - people are either ignited with a passion for God and His world and want to get on board or they look elsewhere.  So our DTS leaders need to have infectious faith, irreproachable character, and be well-equipped!"  We are in need of quality DTS leaders/staff.  If you would like to join this training and sending team, please apply today!

  • DTS Support - We are a team of highly visionary people who need a little help with the details.  We are specifically looking for someone who has the abilities to organize, realize, and solidify vision via helping us take care of the practical logistics.  If you are someone who loves checking things off the to-do list, you are the person for this position.  Things like making sure our classroom is in order, our speakers' needs are met, travel plans for outreach are made, etc.
  • Worship Coordinator - Worship is key to YWAM.  If you have musical abilities and enjoy leading worship, then this may be the place for you.  We would love to talk to you about becoming involved in our worship. 
  • Information Technology - We are looking for a quality, committed I.T. staff member.  You would oversee and grow our current website and IT infrastructure.  The internet is our window into the world.  You will get to serve our base by maintaining all things technology!
  • Food Service, Full time Chef/Sous Chef -  We are looking for someone who has previous experience as a Chef or Sous Chef that would like to come serve in our kitchen.  
  • Mechanic - We have multiple vehicles, CAT Backhoe, two Skid-steers, lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, generators, etc. that need someone to oversee their maintenance.
  • Gardener - We have a beautiful half-acre garden protected from wildlife by a tall fence.  Because of our altitude (8,600 feet) we need someone experienced or willing to learn high altitude gardening.  We grow raspberries and vegetables.  You would have help from school work duties and volunteers (Mission Builders).  We would be open to have this position staffed from May to October.
  • Grounds person - We are seeking a summer, May to October, full time grounds person.  We have a relatively large campus with ample space that needs to be beautified and well kept.  If you have a passion for working with plants and earth, then this is the job for you.  If you would like this to be a year round position, we have many other things that would keep you busy during the winter.

If you would like to be considered for a staff position please email or give us a call:

Email: info@ywamcimarron.org

PH: 970.249.7004