We are so blessed to have some

of the most incredible staff at YWAM C@C.

We are always welcoming and wanting new staff! 

If you would like to join our family up in the mountain, 

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David and Gaylynn staff photos.JPG

Base Directors


David and Gaylynn Horn are our wonderful base directors! As teenagers, both were very involved in the beginnings of our base and even met here in Cimarron. David, who is originally from Texas, did his School of Evangelism in England in 1978 with an outreach in Italy. Gaylynn also did her School of Evangelism in 1978, but in Switzerland with an outreach to Italy as well. While David owned log business on the Western slope, Gaylynn home schooled all three of their children for 17 years. They have been faithful leaders to the base for over fourteen years. We are blessed with wonderful leadership!

Tom Staff Photo.JPG

Tom High

Tom was raised in Mennonite country in Pennsylvania and arrived here to serve in 1990 and he has been here faithful since then! Later in 1991, he did his DTS in Cimarron with outreach to Mexico. Tom as well scouted Pakistan for our base and is always serving. We dare you to out serve Mr. High.

Sara Stevens

Sara was raised in San Diego, California and did her DTS in Cimarron in the fall of 2008! Her outreach was to New Mexico and Thailand. Sara has been serving in the kitchen, as head cook , for 3 years and is always making us laugh! She also  greatly desires to become a foster parent one day. She loves fishing and is always looking for people to come along since she is unable to take the fish off the hook!

Kaylee staff photo.jpg

Kaylee Smith

Kaylee is our amazing staff in charge of hospitality from the beautiful state of Ohio. She did her DTS here in Cimarron in the fall of 2016 with outreach to Nepal and India. She is a self proclaimed coffee snob and enjoys adventuring around our beautiful mountains. 

Charity Staff photo.JPG

Charity Malick

Charity was raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan and did her  DTS through Mercy Ships in Texas in 2001. After serving for a few years in Texas, she came to the mountain to learn how to do all the jobs on the base except boiler duty and David's job. Later leaving in 2010 to go back to Michigan, she later returned in 2016 to lead DTS. She has 3 Cambodian sons and loathes bananas. 


Brubaker Family

Barry, Michelle, Trevor, Justin and Derek are from Pennsylvania and as a family did a DTS in Cimarron in 2014. Barry and Michelle got engaged here at Cimarron in 1993. Their entire family loves the outdoors and are a huge help to the base. 

Kirk staff photo.JPG

Kirk Crippin

Kirk is originally from Oregon but became a born again Christian right here in Cimarron! Kirk completed his DTS in Tyler, Texas in 2014 with an outreach in Romania. He gave his testimony in front of 200 people in Houston, Texas and again in Chuj, Romania. Kirk loves to work outdoors and keep our grounds looking beautiful and green.  


Ray and Patience staff photo.jpg

Ray and Patience Gifford

Ray and Patience did their DTS in Westbank, BC in 2003 while they were engaged. Patience before this was a missionary in Mexico for 14 years and is a talented speaker who frequently travels to speak at different YWAM bases. Ray loves to use heavy equipment and has built most of our ponds around the base. Both enjoy cycling and in 2017 Ray cycled from sea to sea with his adult daughter in the summer of 2017. We are blessed by their skill sets and their heart for intercession. 


Desirae Oliver 

Desirae is from Lincoln, Nebraska and is here to serve for a year at the base! She loves pigs, hugs and to be loud in the kitchen. Desirae is on kitchen staff and completed her DTS at Cimarron in 2018. Her outreach was to Thailand and Cambodia where she somehow managed to not be forced to do public speaking like the rest of the team. She too enjoys fishing! If you visit, you'll for sure hear Desirae coming or she'll hug you! 


Emily Stopani

Emily is originally from El Paso, Texas and before coming to the mountain was involved with King's Kids El Paso from 2014 to 2017. She completed her DTS in 2018 with an outreach to Thailand and Cambodia. Emily loves balut and will eat anything given to her. She also somehow went through DTS with only 5 shirts and carried other member's belongings when they ran out of space during outreach.