Here for solid foundations.
Here for community.
Here for deepening intimacy with loving Father God.
Here for equipping to share His love with others.

Nepal earthquake relief fund

YWAM Cimarron has been a long time supporter of YWAM Nepal, Nepali Missionaries, and the nation of Nepal. If you would like to know more about the EARTHQUAKE, You can get the latest update at  If you would like to make a donation please click "donate" at the top of this page  YWAM Cimarron Base director David Horn was in Nepal teaching in a dts, he is ok, as soon as we get an update from him we will post it on the donate page.

May 4th from David Horn:  David reported that the earthquake was even worse than what's reported on TV.  Nonprofits like YWAM have been working together with other NGO's to get help to as many people as possible.  Your donations are very much appreciated and are being put to work meeting the many needs. 

How can people call on someone they haven’t believed in? How can they believe in someone they’ve never heard of? How can they hear unless someone preaches to them? How can someone preach to them unless he is sent?
— Romans 10:14-15

Don’t have a clue what you’re called to?
Called to missions? Not called to missions?
One thing’s for sure, God is calling your heart to be totally His.

An Unquenchable desire for Him drives many to look for a quiet place with limited distractions to seek His face, be trained for service, or rest and reflect for the next steps in that service.

An Atmosphere where God is always welcomed and ready to speak became a part of our DNA from our beginnings in 1975 and continues to be cultivated by our servant-hearted staff, Spirit-inspired teachers, as well as our family of students and volunteers.